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  • Would you like to explore opportunities for now, competent and efficient suppliers to suit your requirements?

  • Are you tired of being let down with late deliveries or poor quality from some suppliers?

  • Do you feel you are getting the value for money and level of attention and responsiveness you deserve?

  • Would you like some of your weaker suppliers to be more in tune with your requirements?

  • Do you need more positive, eager, communicative, responsive and competitive suppliers?

  • Help personel competency and efficiency in your team?

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Kieron Swords

Technical Sales Director of Dynamic Innovations is a specialist in Precision sales

He simply, creates new opportunities and aligns fit for purpose quality suppliers for long term business in the following areas:

  • Precision Machining

  • Electro mechanical assemblies

  • Special purpose machines

  • Laser machining and technology

  • Enterprise Resourse Planning Systems

  • Precision Castings

  • Injection Moulding

  • Design and Project Management

  • 3D Printing

  • Robotics

  • Specialised Training and Consultancy Services

  • Employment for Retention Training Solutions

If you have a requirement for any of the above services, please call Kieron now to understand your needs and wants and connect you with the right provider

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Kieron Swords

Kieron is an experienced Toolmaker and Precision Manufacturing and Design Engineer from Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. He has worked in Ireland and the USA on design, development and manufacturing of innovative projects with a variety of Precision Engineering companies.
Kieron progressed to sell Internationally to Multi National Companies in the Electronics, Healthcare, energy and transport sectors. He has pioneered sales of about $250m in products and services in the manufacturing world.
Kieron’s motivation and drive is to help people and his customers expand and operate at a higher level. This creates prosperity for all.
Kieron is a strong family man with a passion for play as well as work and enjoys playing golf in particular. Kieron is also very active in his immediate community with clean ups, drug education and literacy programmes.
He also works with Irish Official bodies such as Enterprise Ireland, Bord Failte, Connect Ireland and the Irish Development Authority to help Ireland become the most Innovative and prosperous country in the world.
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Dynamic Inovations Training – Creating Smart Staff

Hands on Training

Prices include MaterialsTest and Certifications

Payments can be spread over months. Cost reductions for twinships or groups

Smart people programs

Basics Level for all staff

Intermediate Level

Advanced  Level

Examples of the characteristics we deal with are

Communication, drive, versatility, honesty, creativity, motivation etc.


“Kieron successfully completed a project for us in an industry that is precision focussed and volume driven.

He drove improvement in our processes and optimised our throughputs. He demonstrated efficiency and integrity to take the project through to early completion. He is very knowledgable in the precision engineering and manufacturing industry. He is an excellent leader and a very detailed communicator.”

Joe Donnelly, Former VP Operations - Seagate Recording Media.
Global Projects Partners
, Seagate Recording Media

“Kieron completes projects efficiently and with integrity. He is dynamic, innovative and full of energy. He possesses a broad knowledge and experience in the precision engineering and manufacturing industry. He helped us optimise production throughput by bringing fresh ideas and following through with the fully engineered solutions.”

John J French Partner – Global Projects Partners, LLP, Global Projects Partners

“Kieron has worked with me for 15 years, starting as a Design Engineer but quickly progressing into Sales Management of precision machining and sub assemblies for multinationals in the electronics sector. He developed and managed some of our largest accounts – IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Seagate, and Tyco. He has a unique ability to find, engage and maintain long term relationships with customers.

“He truly cares for his customers and is very open and honest in his communications. Kieron is a true leader. I have no hesitation in recommending Kieron to any customer as he has a proven track record with me – giving a stellar long term service.”

Jim Hayes, Managing Director - Pressco Limited, Pressco Limited

“Schivo Group has worked with Kieron since 2008. During that period we have built up an invaluable working relationship. He has opened new avenues of business opportunity for us that have lead to unprecedented expansion and growth for our company.

“Kieron is and excellent link point in working with us and our customers. He is trustworthy, honest and brings vital energy and experience to the frontline of our expansion.

“I expect a long and prosperous working relationship with Dynamic Innovations.”

Seamas Kilgannon, Managing Director - Schivo Group, Schivo Group