Being in precision engineering and assembly sales most of my career, I know the value of spending time with customers to give them the best service they could imagine, and I did.

However, a limiting factor was I could only be in one meeting at a time whereas with marketing done right you can be in “many rooms” all at once and create inbound enquiries which is far more efficient and economical. In fact if one does such a good job of marketing their company’s products and services, the prospects close themselves.

In order to market yourself correctly companies need to truly understand their uniqueness, differences, prospects pain, how to position their message to handling the pain, getting to the prospects on the right platforms etc.

We at Dynamic Innovations have the knowledge, ability and experience to go from cradle to grave and are currently fine tuning the process for more volume and speed.

Marketing done well enhances your brand messaging and is about 60-70% of the sales process in the precision engineering and manufacturing sector.

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Photo credit: Epiphio Studios