Whatever it takes
Has your Bandwidth become an arduous process?

I’ve learned in life that No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, you need to be ‘all in’ and prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get the results you want.

I’ve noticed, Sometimes, people confuse my enthusiasm with being too pushy or salesy and  they tune off. I found in many cases before they were screwed over by an unethical sales person so they withdraw. Unfortunately, I have seen so many ‘no decisions, delay decisions and bad decisions all because the customer could not fully trust the leading project manager which is usually the technical sales engineer in my industry.

Unfortunately, we seem to be living in a world where fear of basic survival does not encourage people to make decisions in case they are wrong and get exposed in their companies which hinders speed and advancement. So most people go to the safe go to that worked before which makes sense. However, this does not guarantee you are getting the best service in innovation and value for money.

A great tip for customers looking at new suppliers – Look into a person’s and companies past deliverables and see what they have truly achieved in verifiable results. This is a sure indicator of what you can expect as a new customer. Other KPI’s are hunger, commitment and responsibility levels to gage how much your project actually matters to them.

In today’s world, technical ability is one part of the equation only. The overarching KPI is will the Company do ‘whatever it takes’ to get the customer exactly what they want or not?

Over the last 16 years, I have developed an all-encompassing audit process that rules in or out sweet spot customers and suppliers for long term business expansion. And it works in practice.

The longer decisions take the more it costs both the supplier and customer. Why faff around, go all in to find out fast.

Contact me if you need a slice of this expertise to help your project.

Speed of decision is important.



Seeing Things from the Other Side

This week, having travelled several thousand miles to specifically audit the precision fabrication supplier, I really saw the value in great salesmanship. In this scenario, I was the buyer and the auditor of their business.

The first company I visited were very impressive as were the General Manager’s technical knowledge. This gave me great confidence and comfort that they would deliver a quality product due to his salesmanship: he was confident, professional and enthusiastic in selling his company to me and I was actually proud of how good a job he did.

The second company really interacted as a technical sales team and coordinated beautifully. I was not disappointed when I visited the factory itself as they really take care of their customers and their products. They open collaborated with me to try and find alternative solutions to meet the target price. All of these technical sales teams actually made the decision process easy for me. It’s true that the sales person is such an important role in demonstrating the value and benefits their company can offer.

However, in the third company, the strong interest and technical ability was there, however, their facility did not inspire confidence that they would have structured process to deliver consistent quality. They simply don’t know that orderliness and cleanliness matters in the selling process.

It was interesting to note, I had between 15 and 20 touch points with the sales people before I even met them, and they were all steps in the sales process for both me and them. Every one of those steps were necessary. Nowadays, sales is more important than ever and it was really interesting to see it from the other side.

Kieron | CEO of Dynamic Innovations

Why on Earth Would you Manufacturer in House?
With supply issues, global logistic costs and delays, energy hikes and skilled labour shortages, I wonder why more OEMs don’t openly and intentionally partner up with responsible manufacturers that want to scale, so OEMs can focus purely on scaling their own business.
Running a manufacturing plant is an art form in itself and most OEMs are more expensive and less efficient than specialised contract manufacturers. I’ve been in OEM manufacturing sites globally and only real specialised products and processes were more cost-effective and best suited to keep in house by the OEM.
I specialise in helping OEMs find the perfect manufacturer internationally, taking into account the risk assessment of the various challenges in our modern day.
If you need help finding your fit-for-purpose equipment, call me.
Kieron, CEO
Engineering Matters

Here are a few snappy viewpoints to consider if you have not already…

Man has been engineering solutions for all sorts of problems for eons. This helped improve conditions for mankind to where we are today in this digital era. As Dynamic Innovations helps solve sourcing challenges for complex equipment, we see all sorts of gaps in knowledge and know-how which leads to indecision and slowness to the degree that companies loose out on market share and sales. I also observed the opposite, when I’m working with people who know what they want and how to get it they work fast and therefore create value by transacting rather than get into “analysis paralyses” and “go safe”.

There are so many experts in precision engineering and manufacturing across all sectors, therefore don’t reinvent new solutions, just find and engage the right people to solve your problems and move you forward. Sometimes employees are afraid to make a mistake and stick with their usual ways that keeps them secure. However, nowadays security is self-made by having the ability to be agile, adapt and be dynamic to move projects forward.

Dynamic Innovations has created a network of expert precision engineering supply solutions that make customers flourish. Our astute customers recognise us as an additional free resource that reverse engineers tailored solutions that work.

I always open to discussing options with potential new clients and partners, so feel free to get in touch with me directly.

Kieron Swords | CEO


Why Awareness Serves You & Others More Than Intelligence…

Last Sunday morning before a refreshing Atlantic swim in Rosses Point in Sligo, Ireland, I had some time to catch up with an old college colleague about his career to date.

He is amazed at how many highly qualified people around him in his global role are not advancing in their careers. They are trapped in their own projects and responsibilities and are making a difference to some degree. However, if they had the awareness of the impact they and their projects could really make to the people, employer and customers they could contribute in a much bigger way once they were giving the support by their leadership to make it happen.

Great leaders tend to be very aware and usually empower the right people to advance their mission. Intelligent leaders without much awareness tend to operate off logic mostly but often miss the bigger picture opportunities to really make the difference.

One gets awareness through observation, questioning and confronting complicated problems only to find the answers are usually always simple.

At Dynamic Innovations we have a brilliant network of valuable individuals that have developed all sorts of experiences and abilities particularly in the precision engineering supply chain industry. The best of which are still growing and expanding in their careers.

We are aware that everyone needs help to get them so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Kieron | CEO


Dynamic Marketing

Very often people consider marketing to be an expense as opposed to an investment in themselves and the business. It’s also true that people get very confused about what marketing actually is and what it’s meant to achieve. Marketing in itself is its own technology with many facets just like engineering, art, software programming, etc.

In a nutshell the purpose of marketing is to draw attention to your products and services in such a way that makes people more aware of your value and vision and enticed to buy. So, you can imagine the wide variety of actions that people in companies take to achieve this end. Before marketing was popular, people were marketing without even knowing it. Nowadays, with the power of digital marketing companies, businesses can really scale with the clever use of marketing tools. In fact, with good marketing, the need for sales personnel has diminished. Sales is now more about fact-finding, recommending and closing because usually the prospect already knows what they want and just needs that final touch to help them buy. 

Dynamic Innovations specialises in marketing and selling elite precision engineering and manufacturing services that support long-term repeat business and expansion for customers and supply partners. We market and sell quality equipment manufacturers so if you have a challenging product contact us now.

Kieron Swords | CEO