This recent period is new to us all and we have all had to adjust to new habits and routines. I think this is a great opportunity to reset and go again as the circuit is broken – most of us are paused in like until the floodgates open again to get the economy going again…

In the meantime there is so much information coming at us from different directions that is is sometimes hard to know what is true 100%.

I have learned to go into neutral on most things as most people are pushing their own or employers narrative and agenda. Here are some tips I use:
  • Never get too serious about anything no matter what.
  • The lighter you are about something the more likely your gut instinct will be right about the person or story.

So, I encourage respectful laughter and the Irish are famous for this. In fact, some of the WhatsApp skits that come through our phones are just priceless. Laughter is such a tonic.


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