Whatever it takes
Has your Bandwidth become an arduous process?

I’ve learned in life that No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, you need to be ‘all in’ and prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get the results you want.

I’ve noticed, Sometimes, people confuse my enthusiasm with being too pushy or salesy and  they tune off. I found in many cases before they were screwed over by an unethical sales person so they withdraw. Unfortunately, I have seen so many ‘no decisions, delay decisions and bad decisions all because the customer could not fully trust the leading project manager which is usually the technical sales engineer in my industry.

Unfortunately, we seem to be living in a world where fear of basic survival does not encourage people to make decisions in case they are wrong and get exposed in their companies which hinders speed and advancement. So most people go to the safe go to that worked before which makes sense. However, this does not guarantee you are getting the best service in innovation and value for money.

A great tip for customers looking at new suppliers – Look into a person’s and companies past deliverables and see what they have truly achieved in verifiable results. This is a sure indicator of what you can expect as a new customer. Other KPI’s are hunger, commitment and responsibility levels to gage how much your project actually matters to them.

In today’s world, technical ability is one part of the equation only. The overarching KPI is will the Company do ‘whatever it takes’ to get the customer exactly what they want or not?

Over the last 16 years, I have developed an all-encompassing audit process that rules in or out sweet spot customers and suppliers for long term business expansion. And it works in practice.

The longer decisions take the more it costs both the supplier and customer. Why faff around, go all in to find out fast.

Contact me if you need a slice of this expertise to help your project.

Speed of decision is important.



Why Awareness Serves You & Others More Than Intelligence…

Last Sunday morning before a refreshing Atlantic swim in Rosses Point in Sligo, Ireland, I had some time to catch up with an old college colleague about his career to date.

He is amazed at how many highly qualified people around him in his global role are not advancing in their careers. They are trapped in their own projects and responsibilities and are making a difference to some degree. However, if they had the awareness of the impact they and their projects could really make to the people, employer and customers they could contribute in a much bigger way once they were giving the support by their leadership to make it happen.

Great leaders tend to be very aware and usually empower the right people to advance their mission. Intelligent leaders without much awareness tend to operate off logic mostly but often miss the bigger picture opportunities to really make the difference.

One gets awareness through observation, questioning and confronting complicated problems only to find the answers are usually always simple.

At Dynamic Innovations we have a brilliant network of valuable individuals that have developed all sorts of experiences and abilities particularly in the precision engineering supply chain industry. The best of which are still growing and expanding in their careers.

We are aware that everyone needs help to get them so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Kieron | CEO


Why Realistic Targets Are Vital To Hit

We live in a fast-paced, instant-knowledge based world and we get hit with all sorts of information from all angles and a lot of this is advertising. Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great for us all to be able to afford the various offers of help for ourselves, our departments and our companies to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

It’s a funny thing, I noticed that everyone is short of time to execute on their function regardless whether working in a multi-national, medium or small enterprise, public sector and even full-time parents.

The common denominator seems to be, enough time to get things done – hence, time management. However, I and fellow industry colleagues have synchronised calendars with organised scheduled meetings and slots for actual production whether that be purchasing, sales, marketing, admin, sourcing, research, scheduling etc. and yet it’s rare to see a level of consistently satisfied winning workers.

Is it because of false expectations by themselves or others of them?

Is it social media noise causing a lack of focus and interrupting thoughts and execution to get things done?

Or is it a management problem setting out unrealistic targets and expectations?

My own conclusion is that we all individually operate at different rhythms and no one person or team has the perfect working structure. Hence, I believe one needs to work in open, honest, safe environments to enable real needs of the business goals and targets to be met, with individuals in the team meeting the expectations.

Having said all this, I still see people scrambling to meet targets on time. I believe the solution is to focus on how to get into the habit of getting targets done completely and with urgency, otherwise time seems to gobble up more time and days and weeks slip by without real results.

At Dynamic Innovations we focus on key customers’ needs and wants in order to deliver meaningful value to our supply partners and endless opportunities we can help you pioneer for new business.

Industrial Symbiosis: Awareness For New Opportunities

The concept and actual business of “another man’s waste is another man’s asset” is much more prevalent today than ever before.

Because of the heightened awareness of the impact the linear waste economy has on the environment, there is a whole evolution of clean energy mining. This is an industry to itself when you consider all the machinery needed to mine the landfills, the specialised automation and processes to separate the variety of waste particles and valuable minerals, the repurposing, recycling and distribution that will feed the new markets for cleaner technologies. This is a lot of manpower internationally.

This industrial symbiosis movement will also feed back into design for the end of use manufacturing cycle. This in itself is another emerging philosophy that needs more knowledge and resourcing. Companies seem to have enough on their plates coping with managing their new responsibility of taking ownership for their end of product reclaiming, dismantling and recycling.

Dynamic Innovations has at its core, people. No matter what real technologies emerge, our ability to innovate and adapt to service new emerging markets is easy once we have the right partner suppliers willing to explore their new niches with their services.

Learning keeps us all energised, so don’t hold back on exploring new futures and verticals for your business to stay relevant.

Dynamic Innovations have serviced semi-conductor, electronics, energy, MedTech, aerospace and a few other sectors and have seen so much change but it seems faster than ever in todays digital world.


Kieron | CEO


We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world that can take a lot of stars to align before a business soars in the direction of its full potential.

The concept of resilience and persistence on a given course resonated with me as key ingredients to realise the goal. It can be so easy to give up at times or go weak and be swayed in a different direction. Sometimes things outside your control happen that cause doubt but if the goal is true to you as the right goal that will help the company’s future then this is when this quality of reliance needs to kick in.

I myself have learnt to be resilient but I certainly observed my parents’ generation possessing resilience to survive for themselves, their work, family and communities. This makes me think you have to be so self-determined and make decisions for the greater good of what you want to take care of despite the temptation to withdraw when the going gets tough.

I think a great example of resilience are entrepreneurs and professional sports people as they keep going in hail, rain or snow and when they finally breakthrough and win they keep going and repeat the successful action.

I believe everyone has an abundance of resilience once they are committed to something they love as that is the key to keep going.

Dynamic Innovations is committed to helping a select few enterprises scale their business in new markets that will lead to long-term growth. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make this happen and for the benefit of the not yet known customers also.

Yours Truly,

Kieron Swords

CEO| Dynamic Innovations


How Excuses Can Hinder You

Finding the right reason something is not working as opposed to making excuses. Excuses are reasons why one justifies something isn’t happening, but it never leads to the solution.

A simple example we can all recognise: I’m late because the traffic was heavy. How many times have you used this excuse yourself and how many times have you heard it from others? Usually the reasons trace back to staying up too late maybe watching a movie or social media and tired the following morning so it’s all too much of an effort to be on time or even early. So when traffic gets blamed it’s actually an excuse and a lie. When one takes responsibility one spots the real reason they are late and corrects the real reason that causes the situation which leads to being on time.

Recently, I did a SWOT analysis on a project I’m working on and immediately confronted the truth of the weaknesses and threats to all concerned. I know I don’t have the recourses to handle the outpoints immediately but I am happy I am gradually moving in the direction of solving the problems rather than making a very justifiable excuse.

So when you hear someone saying that they have no time to do something, the solution is always work harder and smarter and just get it done. It’s a funny little thing and maybe hard to see but when your problems get doubled one tends to get them done because you just have to find ways to get it all done and your imagination and creativity kicks in.

The side effect is you will feel great and your morale will rise.

Dynamic Innovations creates opportunities for world class, precision manufacturing enterprises and constantly hears excuses from people as to why things are slow, can’t happen etc… The amount of time and money wasted on excuses leads to gross inefficiencies and lower productivity. In Dynamic Innovations we tend to deal with competent customers and supply partners and make no excuses for that.

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Wishing you a great day,

Kieron | CEO

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