The fundamentals of the Irish culture makes the Irish very adaptable people – fundamentally, as a race we always strive to overcome the odds whether it be in battle, poverty, hunger or discrimination. But one thing for sure is that our enduring struggle for survival has shaped our ability to deal with complex globalisation shifts that have been rolling out. No matter what we are faced with we remain determined, optimistic and cheerful as individuals and as a nation. Our ability to imagine and strive to create that envisioned masterpiece keeps us focused and driven particularly in sports, arts and business.

Fundamentally the Irish are made up of a unique blend of artists, entrepreneurs, carers and freedom fighters, and while we do generally conform for the greater good respectfully, we also tend not lose the spirit of who we are and our role in society; guardians to one another. We inherently know we have a duty to help shape the future to make it better for the next generation.