Finding the right reason something is not working as opposed to making excuses. Excuses are reasons why one justifies something isn’t happening, but it never leads to the solution.

A simple example we can all recognise: I’m late because the traffic was heavy. How many times have you used this excuse yourself and how many times have you heard it from others? Usually the reasons trace back to staying up too late maybe watching a movie or social media and tired the following morning so it’s all too much of an effort to be on time or even early. So when traffic gets blamed it’s actually an excuse and a lie. When one takes responsibility one spots the real reason they are late and corrects the real reason that causes the situation which leads to being on time.

Recently, I did a SWOT analysis on a project I’m working on and immediately confronted the truth of the weaknesses and threats to all concerned. I know I don’t have the recourses to handle the outpoints immediately but I am happy I am gradually moving in the direction of solving the problems rather than making a very justifiable excuse.

So when you hear someone saying that they have no time to do something, the solution is always work harder and smarter and just get it done. It’s a funny little thing and maybe hard to see but when your problems get doubled one tends to get them done because you just have to find ways to get it all done and your imagination and creativity kicks in.

The side effect is you will feel great and your morale will rise.

Dynamic Innovations creates opportunities for world class, precision manufacturing enterprises and constantly hears excuses from people as to why things are slow, can’t happen etc… The amount of time and money wasted on excuses leads to gross inefficiencies and lower productivity. In Dynamic Innovations we tend to deal with competent customers and supply partners and make no excuses for that.

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