Every OEM has their own unique requirements for their needs from their sourcing providers. It’s important that the OEM knows exactly what they want, in other words – a clear strategy which is backed up by the powers to be. This clarity of strategy helps save time, money and potential very costly errors in choosing the wrong supply partner.

It’s also equally important suppliers also know their sweet spot customers as again early qualification prevents wasted time and money. The sweet spot encompasses your ideal business partner which can include so many qualities such as technical, scale, longevity, integrity, collaboration, commercial, proximity and so on.

I recently realised that I was guilty of having open potential opportunities that were not ruled in or out early comprehensively. Like your computer memory, it can get clogged up and slow you down unless you file it in the Go, No Go or maybe “down the line” bucket. This frees up attention units to keep productive on finding new customers or suppliers.

Lastly, when the customer and supplies are in each other’s sweet spot, then the on-boarding and follow through is efficient and the real value starts being transacted once orders get placed and delivered. Both customer and supplier gain an understanding of cultures and learn how best to deal with one another for optimum value exchanged. In my experience this dynamic needs to be protected as sometimes some counter intention can hinder this process and this is where the initial sweet spot can be used to refer to as a stabilising reference.

Dynamic Innovations have vast experience helping OEMs find the right suppliers by asking the executives the sourcing strategy up front as well as technically and commercially understanding the products to enable us to nail the right fit for purpose supply partner and help manage it to high level partnership.

If you have equipment for manufacture and need a special supply partner then connect with us to explore how we help best.

Yours truly,

Kieron | CEO