Seeing Things from the Other Side

This week, having travelled several thousand miles to specifically audit the precision fabrication supplier, I really saw the value in great salesmanship. In this scenario, I was the buyer and the auditor of their business.

The first company I visited were very impressive as were the General Manager’s technical knowledge. This gave me great confidence and comfort that they would deliver a quality product due to his salesmanship: he was confident, professional and enthusiastic in selling his company to me and I was actually proud of how good a job he did.

The second company really interacted as a technical sales team and coordinated beautifully. I was not disappointed when I visited the factory itself as they really take care of their customers and their products. They open collaborated with me to try and find alternative solutions to meet the target price. All of these technical sales teams actually made the decision process easy for me. It’s true that the sales person is such an important role in demonstrating the value and benefits their company can offer.

However, in the third company, the strong interest and technical ability was there, however, their facility did not inspire confidence that they would have structured process to deliver consistent quality. They simply don’t know that orderliness and cleanliness matters in the selling process.

It was interesting to note, I had between 15 and 20 touch points with the sales people before I even met them, and they were all steps in the sales process for both me and them. Every one of those steps were necessary. Nowadays, sales is more important than ever and it was really interesting to see it from the other side.

Kieron | CEO of Dynamic Innovations

Why on Earth Would you Manufacturer in House?
With supply issues, global logistic costs and delays, energy hikes and skilled labour shortages, I wonder why more OEMs don’t openly and intentionally partner up with responsible manufacturers that want to scale, so OEMs can focus purely on scaling their own business.
Running a manufacturing plant is an art form in itself and most OEMs are more expensive and less efficient than specialised contract manufacturers. I’ve been in OEM manufacturing sites globally and only real specialised products and processes were more cost-effective and best suited to keep in house by the OEM.
I specialise in helping OEMs find the perfect manufacturer internationally, taking into account the risk assessment of the various challenges in our modern day.
If you need help finding your fit-for-purpose equipment, call me.
Kieron, CEO
Industrial Symbiosis: Awareness For New Opportunities

The concept and actual business of “another man’s waste is another man’s asset” is much more prevalent today than ever before.

Because of the heightened awareness of the impact the linear waste economy has on the environment, there is a whole evolution of clean energy mining. This is an industry to itself when you consider all the machinery needed to mine the landfills, the specialised automation and processes to separate the variety of waste particles and valuable minerals, the repurposing, recycling and distribution that will feed the new markets for cleaner technologies. This is a lot of manpower internationally.

This industrial symbiosis movement will also feed back into design for the end of use manufacturing cycle. This in itself is another emerging philosophy that needs more knowledge and resourcing. Companies seem to have enough on their plates coping with managing their new responsibility of taking ownership for their end of product reclaiming, dismantling and recycling.

Dynamic Innovations has at its core, people. No matter what real technologies emerge, our ability to innovate and adapt to service new emerging markets is easy once we have the right partner suppliers willing to explore their new niches with their services.

Learning keeps us all energised, so don’t hold back on exploring new futures and verticals for your business to stay relevant.

Dynamic Innovations have serviced semi-conductor, electronics, energy, MedTech, aerospace and a few other sectors and have seen so much change but it seems faster than ever in todays digital world.


Kieron | CEO

First Step to identifying your Ideal Contract Manufacturing Partner


With so many manufacturers to choose from, finding the right one is akin to finding a needle in a global haystack especially with all the supply change variables in play at this time.

In order to avoid ending up with the right supplier, the customer must look beyond the supplier presentation and go visit to ask the right questions and perform due diligence. The right process empowers you to avoid errors of judgement which can be costly mistakes.

The first step is the customer looks inward to get crystal clear on what is needed and wanted across the board. You need to know your needs from manufacturing, quality, commercial, legal, financial and culture viewpoint. These are just headings that need broken out into the likes of transparency, planning capacity, agility, commitment, communication and payment terms, stocking levels, spares, reports, capturing admin and so on.

If customers only focus on manufacturing needs and neglect the supportive functions they could find themselves in trouble. The truth is it takes all a full blown organisation to manage a project and the less gaps there are in what the customer needs and the manufacturer has in place the slicked the business relationship with flow to whatever levels of production is required.

Dynamic Innovations works with a select few niche customers to help them identify their ideal supply partners for their niche equipment needs. Dynamic have vast experience dealing between SMEs and multinationals which helps reassure sourcing, procurement and project managers they are with the right manufacturer.

If you have complex equipment or electro-mechanical assemblies you need help with, then contact us to explore our ability to help in an very efficient manner.

Best Regards,


Dynamic Innovations


De-risking Your Complex Equipment Contract Manufacturing Partner Choice

With hundreds of ECMs to choose from, finding the right one is akin to finding a needle in a world-sized haystack. Getting it wrong comes at a high price. Horror stories abound – you may have one yourself – of failed ECM partnerships. In the worst cases, companies emerge with deep war wounds in the form of recalls, fines, lost sales revenue and reputational damage. Some of the top reasons companies end up with the wrong ECMs are:

  1. The ECM’s total abilities did not fully align with the customer’s actual requirements.
  2. The customer and ECM did not perform due diligence on each other and failed to ignore the gaps in reality.
  3. The customer took for granted that the ECM that looks great on paper must be great in real life.
  4. The customer didn’t ask the right questions.

Note that all of these pitfalls could and should have been avoided before any agreements were signed. De-risking your selection process, whether your goals centre around innovation, quality, profit, growth, gaining a competitive advantage or becoming a household name, the right ECM will be a key contributor to your success. So, yes, finding that perfect fit is worth the work. Notice we that we say ‘work’ not ‘risk’ because the right process empowers you to dodge common buyer’s journey perils altogether.

Dynamic Innovations developed a fact-finding questionnaire that helps both OEM (start-up, SME or multinational) and supplier identify suitability at the very early stage of the evaluation process.

We are looking for disruptor SMEs that need and want a competent ECM to manage their sophisticated product.

Contact us now to see if our sweet spot aligns and don’t forget to stay connected.

Kieron | CEO


Ireland is an ideal location for overseas OEMs to source the manufacturing of their sophisticated equipment, and for good reasons:

  1. Firstly, our technical capabilities to project manage high-tech electrical, software and mechanical engineering alongside globally sourced materials to assemble and test valuable desktop and floor-mounted equipment to international customers.
  2. Secondly, Ireland is ideally located to service Europe, the Middle East as well as the USA. As an island we are very experienced servicing international customers with an excellent infrastructure to deliver quality equipment consistently without disruption due to the localised supply chain stability.
  3. Thirdly, we have a highly educated, skilled workforce operating in Industry 4 & 5 culture that allows us to scale our manufacturing capabilities cost-effectively.

Ireland has successfully integrated the best of its European talent pool, technology and processes to support global high-tech and MedTech demands.

If you have high-tech disruptive equipment that needs scaling, do reach out and explore the personal care we can provide to help you expand your enterprise. We are always interested to help.

Your sincerely,

Kieron Swords | CEO

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