Invest in Early Real Discovery Qualifying Meetings

Every OEM has their own unique requirements for their needs from their sourcing providers. It’s important that the OEM knows exactly what they want, in other words – a clear strategy which is backed up by the powers to be. This clarity of strategy helps save time, money and potential very costly errors in choosing the wrong supply partner.

It’s also equally important suppliers also know their sweet spot customers as again early qualification prevents wasted time and money. The sweet spot encompasses your ideal business partner which can include so many qualities such as technical, scale, longevity, integrity, collaboration, commercial, proximity and so on.

I recently realised that I was guilty of having open potential opportunities that were not ruled in or out early comprehensively. Like your computer memory, it can get clogged up and slow you down unless you file it in the Go, No Go or maybe “down the line” bucket. This frees up attention units to keep productive on finding new customers or suppliers.

Lastly, when the customer and supplies are in each other’s sweet spot, then the on-boarding and follow through is efficient and the real value starts being transacted once orders get placed and delivered. Both customer and supplier gain an understanding of cultures and learn how best to deal with one another for optimum value exchanged. In my experience this dynamic needs to be protected as sometimes some counter intention can hinder this process and this is where the initial sweet spot can be used to refer to as a stabilising reference.

Dynamic Innovations have vast experience helping OEMs find the right suppliers by asking the executives the sourcing strategy up front as well as technically and commercially understanding the products to enable us to nail the right fit for purpose supply partner and help manage it to high level partnership.

If you have equipment for manufacture and need a special supply partner then connect with us to explore how we help best.

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Expand Your Business With The Right ECM

Nowadays with the skills shortages, energy and commercial property costs, the investment required to establish in-house manufacturing can be a real challenge especially for SMEs. Capital equipment costs are high, space is often limited, and you may lack specialist engineering knowledge.

Outsourcing the build of your product to an equipment contract manufacturer handles these problems.

With more internal resources at your disposal, both financially and intellectually, you are free to focus on expanding core areas of your business, such as: research and development, product innovation and business expansion. In order to realise these benefits, you will need to establish effective communication with your chosen ECM. On-time delivery and quality are paramount. Cost is also a huge factor but should be considered in terms of total-cost-of-ownership and value. After all, you get what you pay for. Great communication is the key ingredient that makes it all work. In other words it’s vital to clearly work with your ECM on your exact needs and wants as everybody’s requirements are different.

ECMs have different niche areas of specialisation so it’s important to be able to identify the right supplier that suits your product and company best. Having a dedicated project manager on your project to oversee progress and provide one-to-one feedback as manufacturing itself relies heavily of supply chains, people and technology so in itself is a moving organism. However, with open and honest two-way transparent communication in place, any stress around potential problems will be minimised and solutions optimised at an early stage. So the message is:

“Mind your own business and let your carefully chosen ECM mind your equipment.”

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Free Up Your Expensive Manufacturing Resources

Turning your prototype or sample working models to meet your market demands can be real hardship if not planned out right. OEM start-ups and SMEs alike, often find it difficult to manufacture their machines in-house due to limited resources or lack of specialist manufacturing expertise.

Equipment contract manufacturing offers a solution as this is their bread and butter.

By partnering with an experienced manufacturing service provider, you can outsource the manufacture and build process in its entirety so you focus on your own company and market expansion. Simply hand over the machine drawings and relevant documentation, and the ECM (equipment contract manufacturer, otherwise known as repeat contract manufacturing, repetitive contract manufacturing or build to print) will build the machine from start to finish. From low volume through to high volume manufacturing, an ECM can help you rapidly scale production of your medical machinery, equipment or instrumentation. And with the management of your project in expert hands, your team can return to what they do best – pushing the boundaries of R&D to prioritise product innovation. Focusing on the key areas of: collaboration; technical expertise; and value add, our guidance will help you identify the best match for your individual requirements. Providing practical advice on selecting a ‘right first time’ ECM partner for your high-tech equipment.

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Tips for Supplier Qualification

I have witnessed literally millions of euros of wasted by OEMs by qualifying the wrong suppliers for their niche services.

There is so much time and effort spent, from initial engagement through to enquiry and on into qualification, to get on the approved supplier lists. This can take 3 to 18 months depending on the customer’s process and dedicated resources. In the meantime, opportunities are missed out on, which is a shame for both customer and supplier. Eventually when the supplier is approved the urgent need or requirement may have changed or the supplier may have fulfilled their capacity with existing or new customers.

To truly handle this, I believe you need a technical business excellence manager and a quality control auditor to access a supplier for suitability and value creation.

At Dynamic Innovations we research hundreds of suppliers to audit a few and end up with the right supplier with the right attributes to fulfil a customer’s “needs and wants” technically and commercially with the right amount of communication for business flow.

It takes a combination of skills to audit a company’s financials, technical capabilities, capacity to expand, quality systems, supply chain, logistics, overall management and culture, to trust as a supply partner. An absence of any of these qualities will affect the business transaction to some degree.

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Foundations for Brilliance Series: IMAGINATION

If you’re a customer looking for an ideal supplier to remove pain and add value here is how you can use your imagination to start this process…

Dream up what your ideal supply partner would look like if you were to be granted that wish. Write down precisely ever little detail on paper ideally so you can look at it objectively as you start to make that supplier a reality.

It’s vital they have the all the right people, departments, technology in place already and with the capability to fulfil any gaps to get your ideal scene. I have outlined some broad areas as headings for you to start with and you can use your imagination to come up with your own specific needs and wants.

  • Owners goals and purposes
  • Leadership and management team
  • Track record of the company
  • Current customer profiles and how long are they doing business with the supplier
  • Management structure across all aspects of the business
  • Company values, culture
  • Technology and speed of service
  • Quality assurance
  • After service support
  • Ability to meet delivery dates
  • Ability to scale
  • Processes and systems to control the products and services
  • Financial stability and ability to invest in expansion
  • Supplying customers locally or Internationally
  • Sub supply chains and supply chain management
  • Attention to detail in every department.
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Tone of the company overall – are they bored, interested, enthusiastic etc…

In the past, most of us have been let down by quality or delivery and in the majority of cases it was because one or a few of the above points were under par or non-existent.

So imagine your dream sweet spot supplier, write it down as the start of your process.

We at Dynamic Innovations have complex equipment suppliers that we connect to sweet spot customers for their specialised precision engineering and product requirements and are an extra resource for customers to lean on to find their ideal scene.

If you have a high tech product you want to hand over to a competent supplier we are here to help you make your dream a reality.

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Design Your Future

Joe wondered, “What’s going to happen to me? What does the future hold?”

He remembers his father saying, “All you can do is hope for the best.” So Joe hopes and hopes. “I hope I get paid more for my work. I hope people will appreciate me. I hope I can get a promotion. I also hope I win the lottery as that would sort it all out.”

After years of hoping, nothing changes for Joe.

Joe later on learns about fate. “The future is all mapped out. It’s out of your hands.” He concludes, “No one knows what’ll happen. Just play it by ear and go with the flow.” Joe is a speculator and spectator. He is waiting for something to happen.


If you could look through a time machine and see 100 years into the future, what would you see?

If you see a space-age society with incredible computers, robots and space travel, you know the scientists, engineers and technology inventors are the most ambitious.

If society is wealthy and prosperity is available to all, you know the entrepreneurs, managers and business owners are very ambitious.

If you see a world at war and people are getting killed every day, you know arms dealers, terrorists and war-loving politicians are the most ambitious.

To see the future of our world, just look for the most persistent, passionate and intense people and you see the future.

What fires up this powerful ambition in people? How can you design and make your future?


To make your future, try asking yourself, “What should I make happen? What shall I accomplish? What do I WANT in my future?” The future is like an empty field. No one is playing on it yet. You can run out there and start or improve your game.

  • Write one of your most important goals.
  • Ask yourself, “What future do I predict if I just sit on my hands and wait for this goal to be reached?”
  • Next, write down one step you can take, right now, toward this important goal.
  • Ask yourself, “If I do this one step and then another and then another, what is my future?”

And there you have it! You are predicting and making your future.


The Dynamic Innovations team is committed to making your unique projects a reality, in scale, and with the urgency it deserves. As we have with other OEMs, we will help you connect with our loyal, competent world-class precision manufacturing supply network.

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Kieron Swords

CEO and Business Development