We live in a fast-paced, instant-knowledge based world and we get hit with all sorts of information from all angles and a lot of this is advertising. Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great for us all to be able to afford the various offers of help for ourselves, our departments and our companies to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

It’s a funny thing, I noticed that everyone is short of time to execute on their function regardless whether working in a multi-national, medium or small enterprise, public sector and even full-time parents.

The common denominator seems to be, enough time to get things done – hence, time management. However, I and fellow industry colleagues have synchronised calendars with organised scheduled meetings and slots for actual production whether that be purchasing, sales, marketing, admin, sourcing, research, scheduling etc. and yet it’s rare to see a level of consistently satisfied winning workers.

Is it because of false expectations by themselves or others of them?

Is it social media noise causing a lack of focus and interrupting thoughts and execution to get things done?

Or is it a management problem setting out unrealistic targets and expectations?

My own conclusion is that we all individually operate at different rhythms and no one person or team has the perfect working structure. Hence, I believe one needs to work in open, honest, safe environments to enable real needs of the business goals and targets to be met, with individuals in the team meeting the expectations.

Having said all this, I still see people scrambling to meet targets on time. I believe the solution is to focus on how to get into the habit of getting targets done completely and with urgency, otherwise time seems to gobble up more time and days and weeks slip by without real results.

At Dynamic Innovations we focus on key customers’ needs and wants in order to deliver meaningful value to our supply partners and endless opportunities we can help you pioneer for new business.