Why Realistic Targets Are Vital To Hit

We live in a fast-paced, instant-knowledge based world and we get hit with all sorts of information from all angles and a lot of this is advertising. Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great for us all to be able to afford the various offers of help for ourselves, our departments and our companies to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

It’s a funny thing, I noticed that everyone is short of time to execute on their function regardless whether working in a multi-national, medium or small enterprise, public sector and even full-time parents.

The common denominator seems to be, enough time to get things done – hence, time management. However, I and fellow industry colleagues have synchronised calendars with organised scheduled meetings and slots for actual production whether that be purchasing, sales, marketing, admin, sourcing, research, scheduling etc. and yet it’s rare to see a level of consistently satisfied winning workers.

Is it because of false expectations by themselves or others of them?

Is it social media noise causing a lack of focus and interrupting thoughts and execution to get things done?

Or is it a management problem setting out unrealistic targets and expectations?

My own conclusion is that we all individually operate at different rhythms and no one person or team has the perfect working structure. Hence, I believe one needs to work in open, honest, safe environments to enable real needs of the business goals and targets to be met, with individuals in the team meeting the expectations.

Having said all this, I still see people scrambling to meet targets on time. I believe the solution is to focus on how to get into the habit of getting targets done completely and with urgency, otherwise time seems to gobble up more time and days and weeks slip by without real results.

At Dynamic Innovations we focus on key customers’ needs and wants in order to deliver meaningful value to our supply partners and endless opportunities we can help you pioneer for new business.

What Ranks Most Senior Between People, Process, Technology & Equipment?

Over my career to date I’ve witnessed all sorts of experiences of which leads to real learnings. I’ve seen unbelievable facilities, equipment and technology but they may have lacked execution presence which reflected in lack of real productivity and dedication from the workforce.

I’ve seen some large OEMs with processes for just about everything across the business that stifled the workforce creativity and reflected in lower morale and responsibility.

And some many varieties in between.

At the end of the day the entrepreneurs dream and vision that’s artfully implemented with caring executives and managers reigns supreme to the resources available. People buy into people with passion and purpose and get behind big goals and targets.

As a footnote, I admire the marketing folks that use their creative abilities to imbue the market with the reality that has not yet arrived.

At Dynamic Innovations we help make great companies dreams come a reality.

Kieron, CEO

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Foundations for Brilliance Series: IMAGINATION

If you’re a customer looking for an ideal supplier to remove pain and add value here is how you can use your imagination to start this process…

Dream up what your ideal supply partner would look like if you were to be granted that wish. Write down precisely ever little detail on paper ideally so you can look at it objectively as you start to make that supplier a reality.

It’s vital they have the all the right people, departments, technology in place already and with the capability to fulfil any gaps to get your ideal scene. I have outlined some broad areas as headings for you to start with and you can use your imagination to come up with your own specific needs and wants.

  • Owners goals and purposes
  • Leadership and management team
  • Track record of the company
  • Current customer profiles and how long are they doing business with the supplier
  • Management structure across all aspects of the business
  • Company values, culture
  • Technology and speed of service
  • Quality assurance
  • After service support
  • Ability to meet delivery dates
  • Ability to scale
  • Processes and systems to control the products and services
  • Financial stability and ability to invest in expansion
  • Supplying customers locally or Internationally
  • Sub supply chains and supply chain management
  • Attention to detail in every department.
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Tone of the company overall – are they bored, interested, enthusiastic etc…

In the past, most of us have been let down by quality or delivery and in the majority of cases it was because one or a few of the above points were under par or non-existent.

So imagine your dream sweet spot supplier, write it down as the start of your process.

We at Dynamic Innovations have complex equipment suppliers that we connect to sweet spot customers for their specialised precision engineering and product requirements and are an extra resource for customers to lean on to find their ideal scene.

If you have a high tech product you want to hand over to a competent supplier we are here to help you make your dream a reality.

Talk to me for more information on +353 (87) 137 7434.


CEO | Business Scaling Director




Irish Engineering Executive Brilliance

So last week I had an amazing learning experience around true professionalism on how to administer a highly regulated large manufacturing company. They constantly beat their global competition hands down, year on year.

I wanted to understand more about best lean optimisation in the manufacturing of low to medium volume equipment from a commercial viewpoint. As a precision manufacturing engineer with vast international experience across several sectors, I have observed and worked with all sorts of philosophies, attitudes and systems. I really admired the likes of many OEM multi-nationals for strategy, communication and execution but I could also see weaknesses in personalisation, real inclusive team culture for long-term, stimulated retention despite their wonderful HR packages.

I clearly witnesses top-class leadership that empowers their entire workforce while nailing their customers consistent on-time delivery schedules, leveraging off closed loop technology with quality management systems. It solidified my confidence in Irish state-of-the-art engineering competence across the entire value chain.

We hear so much about digital manufacturing these days, especially after covid, and observing this company in action really inspired me no end, and hard for me to share in a simple blog.

However, my knowledge for total ownership with fully integrated engineering support is the way forward so we stay relevant in this ever-changing world.

If you need your complex equipment manufactured in small to medium volumes, contact me and I will integrate you with the right total cost of ownership supply partner.

Kieron Swords | CEO

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Finding it Hard to Expand?

Whenever sales was stalled and hard, I would sometimes stop and look at who I am dealing with that is new since I was last doing well. Usually I realise this is at least one trouble source that is affecting me in a small or big way and when I deal with them appropriately, miraculously sales flows increase. Some of these troublesome folks are easy to spot but they can also be very hard to detect, so here some useful tips to help you:



Some trouble sources are not easily spotted immediately because their destructive actions get diffused by the constructive actions of the majority of hard-working people. They also don’t always show their true colours at the outset. They may even do some things that are somewhat helpful in the beginning. However, there is a common thread of similarities of all the trouble sources I have experienced over the years – that the departments they operate in don’t really expand. There will be a trouble source when you have an area within an organisation that does not seem to expand in people or production.


These people end up causing minor or major chaos and disorganisation in workplaces. Some outwardly defend their position and are very vocal about their position and how others are wrong but never them. The harder ones to detect are those who cause the internal chaos and disorder underhandedly and are harder to detect as the true trouble sources. It’s never things that cause problems; it’s always people. Just as social people resolve problems, what it really comes down to is a total lack of responsibility. They have dwindled down to the point of an inability to be responsible for anyone or anything. The trouble with most social people is their inability to consider the evilness of a small minority of the workforce. Social people want others to do well. Anti-social people do not want others to do well; they only can do things that they think will help themselves survive better – very selfish.


The skill of a good manager is in the training of his or her staff and measuring each person’s production. Figuring out what each person needs to produce and in what quantities, how to learn the skills required to deliver such products with high morale. Rewarding and caring for the productive staff is the job of the executives and managers. This makes it easier to detect the real trouble sources within the organisation quickly as they will do all they can to prevent people from getting good at what they do.

This blog is not an invitation to go on a witch hunt. It is just an effort to point out that when you have implemented a lot of organisation and have improved marketing, financial management and made things more efficient, BUT, little expansion is occurring, you know you will have someone in the ranks with their handbrake on.


  • Who is talking negatively to others?
  • Who is saying things such as “it can’t be done,” “no one can do it,” etc.?
  • Who is critical of others?
  • Who is producing very little?
  • Whose actual production seems hard to monitor?

Business expansion is not that difficult with a great team. When it seems to be hard to expand, ask the above questions, and it may open the door to resolving the hardship.

Let me know if this was helpful.



Customise to Personalise

Looking at internationalism and globalisation trends, I realised the new normal is: ‘There is no new normal’, and people need to realise that their talent, abilities and competencies are the currency of survival moving forward.

The days of jobs for life are long gone and nowadays life seems to be a mix of trepidation and excitement, and only certainty in one’s application of their talents will guarantee their future. So, the trick is working with a broadly skilled team that has a real purpose to elevate their customer’s purposes, whatever they might be.

I noticed people in general have become more honest with themselves and are looking more into themselves to figure out what it’s all about. I think a lot of folks have figured out helping others with their particular skills is what brings happiness and income.

I encourage employees to look at the corporation or enterprise they serve, examine its purpose and how they can help even more.

At Dynamic Innovations, we are constantly adapting to markets and economy shifts. Thankfully we know who we are and what others need, and have the niche skills to help people and companies to grow and expand from wherever they are.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk.

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