I recently conducted an intimate survey with some suppliers and customers to rate what’s important to them in transacting business.

The usual suspects of ‘cost’ and ‘value’ featured but in less seniority than the following order:

  1. LOYALTY & TRUST – Having certainty in people that they are there to help unconditionally regardless of whatever barriers and challenges show up.
  2. TRANSPARENCY – Knowing and getting exactly what they want and expect.
  3. CONVICTION – Knowing the commitment from the other person and team is all in to give them the best possible product and service.

This is really, really interesting to know and learn.

In our personal lives we have our go-to people we trust like our dentist, plumber, health practitioner etc.  We tend to stick with who we know and trust.

In a world where the necessity to create new business relationships is at a peak, it’s rarely achieved fast. People tend to be wary and withdrawn at first. However, they observe your actions and judge you on what you say and more importantly on what you do. So it’s important that we as individuals dealing with all level of personnel and departments across companies, be trustworthy to our fellow workers. We do first this by always showing up and doing our jobs to high standards that in turn empower the company representatives to deliver to customers that placed their trust in whoever they trusted to deliver on their order.

In the world of design and manufacturing there are degrees of risk of something going wrong due to so many variables needing to come together. This is why the companies that always deliver win, as the trusting relationship they cultivate, carries through the unforeseen surprises on the way.

Both parties know the value created by the speed of the momentum versus lethargic negotiations and life sucking goodness from the high spirit of loyalty play.

Dynamic Innovations will be 16 years in business this year and has learned from the school of hard knocks how to create success for all concerned. This is our duty as a business development specialist. Our greatest joy is unconditionally helping worthwhile suppliers, partners, allies and customers expand in a big way over time and in as much as humanly possibly be forgiving of the f@#k-ups along the way. Of course there are always differences of opinions due to our diverse knowledge and experiences, which is why real collaboration leads to great solutions.

Here is an interesting quick review I did recently:

When my turnover and profit was up, I myself was trusting others more while really enjoying my role of helping customers expand. When my business was down, I myself was lacking on purposeful and unconditional duty of truly helping the other person. I handled this by admitting it to myself and others I perhaps let down, and lastly getting back in action doing what I do best with the folks I like and admire most. It’s like repairing my engine to perform in Formula 1 again but this time I intent to break records due to all the knowledge, technology and partners involved.

I hope this helps someone and feel free to contact me if you’re stuck in low productivity or not quite happy with your business performance.