Expand Your Business With The Right ECM

Nowadays with the skills shortages, energy and commercial property costs, the investment required to establish in-house manufacturing can be a real challenge especially for SMEs. Capital equipment costs are high, space is often limited, and you may lack specialist engineering knowledge.

Outsourcing the build of your product to an equipment contract manufacturer handles these problems.

With more internal resources at your disposal, both financially and intellectually, you are free to focus on expanding core areas of your business, such as: research and development, product innovation and business expansion. In order to realise these benefits, you will need to establish effective communication with your chosen ECM. On-time delivery and quality are paramount. Cost is also a huge factor but should be considered in terms of total-cost-of-ownership and value. After all, you get what you pay for. Great communication is the key ingredient that makes it all work. In other words it’s vital to clearly work with your ECM on your exact needs and wants as everybody’s requirements are different.

ECMs have different niche areas of specialisation so it’s important to be able to identify the right supplier that suits your product and company best. Having a dedicated project manager on your project to oversee progress and provide one-to-one feedback as manufacturing itself relies heavily of supply chains, people and technology so in itself is a moving organism. However, with open and honest two-way transparent communication in place, any stress around potential problems will be minimised and solutions optimised at an early stage. So the message is:

“Mind your own business and let your carefully chosen ECM mind your equipment.”

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Visual Arts a Vital Element in Management

Did you ever notice people gravitate to high aesthetics environments and atmospheres. This is a big clue to attracting new and existing customers to your brand.

In our experience it is well worth the effort to improve on traditional powerpoint slides by creating artistic presentations.

Nowadays, technology makes presentations easy and quick. However, sometimes easy and quick is not always the best and we as business professionals must strive to work back from: ‘What effect am I trying to produce?’ Then work out the best way which is not necessarily the easiest way.

Nowadays, gadgets and technology have helped make life so easy for us in so many ways. It’s important for us to use technology to create the effects we want when selling to our customers. So it’s important to put in the effort like use inspiring words and terms, make honest bold statements that are true to you and your brand core values. Use colours and tone in your presentations.

The visual arts in a company is easily observed by the order and cleanliness of the premises, the quality and maintenance of the equipment and the quality of every individuals communication all combine to make the company culture. This is great for all the employees, suppliers and customers. It takes effort to get there but easy to maintain once the standard has been set. Management is an art form in itself and people respond well to artists at their trade.

At Dynamic Innovations, we specialise in servicing quality customers for their complex equipment needs. We recognise that value creation for customers, beats low cost always and our art is in identifying and selling the opportunity.

Be effective even if it means doing it the harder way!

Always Dynamically Innovating,

Kieron | CEO