Expand Your Business With The Right ECM

Nowadays with the skills shortages, energy and commercial property costs, the investment required to establish in-house manufacturing can be a real challenge especially for SMEs. Capital equipment costs are high, space is often limited, and you may lack specialist engineering knowledge.

Outsourcing the build of your product to an equipment contract manufacturer handles these problems.

With more internal resources at your disposal, both financially and intellectually, you are free to focus on expanding core areas of your business, such as: research and development, product innovation and business expansion. In order to realise these benefits, you will need to establish effective communication with your chosen ECM. On-time delivery and quality are paramount. Cost is also a huge factor but should be considered in terms of total-cost-of-ownership and value. After all, you get what you pay for. Great communication is the key ingredient that makes it all work. In other words it’s vital to clearly work with your ECM on your exact needs and wants as everybody’s requirements are different.

ECMs have different niche areas of specialisation so it’s important to be able to identify the right supplier that suits your product and company best. Having a dedicated project manager on your project to oversee progress and provide one-to-one feedback as manufacturing itself relies heavily of supply chains, people and technology so in itself is a moving organism. However, with open and honest two-way transparent communication in place, any stress around potential problems will be minimised and solutions optimised at an early stage. So the message is:

“Mind your own business and let your carefully chosen ECM mind your equipment.”

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Free Up Your Expensive Manufacturing Resources

Turning your prototype or sample working models to meet your market demands can be real hardship if not planned out right. OEM start-ups and SMEs alike, often find it difficult to manufacture their machines in-house due to limited resources or lack of specialist manufacturing expertise.

Equipment contract manufacturing offers a solution as this is their bread and butter.

By partnering with an experienced manufacturing service provider, you can outsource the manufacture and build process in its entirety so you focus on your own company and market expansion. Simply hand over the machine drawings and relevant documentation, and the ECM (equipment contract manufacturer, otherwise known as repeat contract manufacturing, repetitive contract manufacturing or build to print) will build the machine from start to finish. From low volume through to high volume manufacturing, an ECM can help you rapidly scale production of your medical machinery, equipment or instrumentation. And with the management of your project in expert hands, your team can return to what they do best – pushing the boundaries of R&D to prioritise product innovation. Focusing on the key areas of: collaboration; technical expertise; and value add, our guidance will help you identify the best match for your individual requirements. Providing practical advice on selecting a ‘right first time’ ECM partner for your high-tech equipment.

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Why Ireland: Factories of the Future

As we all know manufacturing industries are faced with significant paradigm shifts with the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution known as Industry 4.0 or Factory 4.0 with the introduction of game-changing ways to design and manufacture products such as Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.

Advanced Manufacturing Ireland is at the cutting edge of these inflection points working with industry leaders to help integrate customers in parallel to the technology.

Under Factory 4.0, the introduction of next generation technologies is allowing for very complex connection of everything on the manufacturing floors with IoT* in conjunction will all sorts of measurement devices, automation and data analysis communications.

This technology as well as supply chain reliability (due to logistical costs, regulation etc.) are causing customers to re-evaluate their supply strategies. Last week, one large multinational customer stated that reliability was their #1 driver, as the cost of being late to their customer is significantly greater than trying to save some money from lower-cost countries.

How times have changed since covid and on advancement of technology. I feel privileged living in a thriving safe economy in Ireland with confidence we will continue to stay sovereign, free from war with an ever increasing educated workforce.

If you are want to explore alternative sourcing options, why not reach out to Dynamic Innovations who will connect you to sound vendors that are fit for your purposes.

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* The Internet of Things describes physical objects with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks