Ireland is an ideal location for overseas OEMs to source the manufacturing of their sophisticated equipment, and for good reasons:

  1. Firstly, our technical capabilities to project manage high-tech electrical, software and mechanical engineering alongside globally sourced materials to assemble and test valuable desktop and floor-mounted equipment to international customers.
  2. Secondly, Ireland is ideally located to service Europe, the Middle East as well as the USA. As an island we are very experienced servicing international customers with an excellent infrastructure to deliver quality equipment consistently without disruption due to the localised supply chain stability.
  3. Thirdly, we have a highly educated, skilled workforce operating in Industry 4 & 5 culture that allows us to scale our manufacturing capabilities cost-effectively.

Ireland has successfully integrated the best of its European talent pool, technology and processes to support global high-tech and MedTech demands.

If you have high-tech disruptive equipment that needs scaling, do reach out and explore the personal care we can provide to help you expand your enterprise. We are always interested to help.

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Kieron Swords | CEO

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Opportunity Knocks

Having spent a couple of weeks in California and Texas surveying the needs and wants of high-tech OEMs, I wanted to share how Ireland and Europe are ideally positioned to service global shortfalls.

The knock-on effects from covid and the more recent war, have and are causing so much delay with raw material and subsequently finished product supplies. There is a massive shift to source regionally or locally, which is helping the situation, however, if local companies do not have the ability to scale due to whatever reason, they will miss out on this golden opportunity to expand.

The cost of not getting equipment on time has so much more impact than trying to source from lower-cost countries. It’s all about speed of execution in this fast paced world we live in. People need and want products regardless of global turbulence and they will pay more to get them, versus cheaper sourcing but longer to get.

Ireland and Europe are ideally positioned to capitalise on increasing their market share so long as they have the resources to man up with the right skilled personnel and technology to take on new customers and projects.

During my stay in California and Texas, OEMs and those in manufacturing have provided valuable insight during surveys I’ve done with them. These conversations have revealed a great deal as to how Ireland is poised to service USA and the East with advanced manufacturing and engineering services.

Contact me if you want deeper insight.

Kieron Swords

CEO and Business development Director

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WHY IRELAND: Turn your manufacturing constraints over to us.
…and open your gateway into Europe and beyond.

Ireland’s brand pillars are the lifeblood to our manufacturing DNA. We take your needs seriously and invest heavily in customer satisfaction.

  • DEPENDABILITY: Always executing on time
  • QUALITY: Consistent reliability
  • COMMUNICATION: Seamless systems
  • COMPETITIVE: For total cost of ownership
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Real, trusted and transparent
  • SCALE: Agility to scale at speed
  • ENVIRONMENT: A sustainable culture

If you would like to enquire about your project, feel free to contact us.

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Irish Engineering Executive Brilliance

So last week I had an amazing learning experience around true professionalism on how to administer a highly regulated large manufacturing company. They constantly beat their global competition hands down, year on year.

I wanted to understand more about best lean optimisation in the manufacturing of low to medium volume equipment from a commercial viewpoint. As a precision manufacturing engineer with vast international experience across several sectors, I have observed and worked with all sorts of philosophies, attitudes and systems. I really admired the likes of many OEM multi-nationals for strategy, communication and execution but I could also see weaknesses in personalisation, real inclusive team culture for long-term, stimulated retention despite their wonderful HR packages.

I clearly witnesses top-class leadership that empowers their entire workforce while nailing their customers consistent on-time delivery schedules, leveraging off closed loop technology with quality management systems. It solidified my confidence in Irish state-of-the-art engineering competence across the entire value chain.

We hear so much about digital manufacturing these days, especially after covid, and observing this company in action really inspired me no end, and hard for me to share in a simple blog.

However, my knowledge for total ownership with fully integrated engineering support is the way forward so we stay relevant in this ever-changing world.

If you need your complex equipment manufactured in small to medium volumes, contact me and I will integrate you with the right total cost of ownership supply partner.

Kieron Swords | CEO

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Why Ireland: Knowledge is Power

One of the major factors of Ireland’s thriving economy is undoubtedly the educated workforce. The Irish economy is the fastest growing workforce in the Eurozone. Despite Covid, Brexit, inflation, conflict – Ireland is a stable, competitive, secure and pro-business country. The solid foundation of this lies in the highly educated and diverse workforce. We have access to a labour pool of 250 million from across Europe.

The standards of Irish education ranks in the top 10 globally. Almost 30% of students enrol in Science, Engineering and technology of the future subjects. This is driven by our high-tech industry led clusters.

The government initiated a host of comprehensive and forward-looking National Skills Strategy and Action Plans for Education, which aims to make Irish education and training the best in Europe by 2026.

The presence of the top multi-nationals presence based in Ireland has helped shape our SME’s position themselves to service global markets. We have gained a reputation in advanced manufacturing such as complex equipment manufacturing, automation, software, precision engineering and now digital manufacturing with government backed sustainable initiates to play our parts in reducing emissions.

Ireland is a place to invest in for your manufacturing needs in part or in full. The potential for long-term stable expansion is here to be explored. The dynamic companies are eager to embrace customers projects to deliver excellence.

If you need any more detailed information on companies, education or skills please do not hesitate to connect up.

Kieron Swords