Why Awareness Serves You & Others More Than Intelligence…

Last Sunday morning before a refreshing Atlantic swim in Rosses Point in Sligo, Ireland, I had some time to catch up with an old college colleague about his career to date.

He is amazed at how many highly qualified people around him in his global role are not advancing in their careers. They are trapped in their own projects and responsibilities and are making a difference to some degree. However, if they had the awareness of the impact they and their projects could really make to the people, employer and customers they could contribute in a much bigger way once they were giving the support by their leadership to make it happen.

Great leaders tend to be very aware and usually empower the right people to advance their mission. Intelligent leaders without much awareness tend to operate off logic mostly but often miss the bigger picture opportunities to really make the difference.

One gets awareness through observation, questioning and confronting complicated problems only to find the answers are usually always simple.

At Dynamic Innovations we have a brilliant network of valuable individuals that have developed all sorts of experiences and abilities particularly in the precision engineering supply chain industry. The best of which are still growing and expanding in their careers.

We are aware that everyone needs help to get them so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Kieron | CEO


What Ranks Most Senior Between People, Process, Technology & Equipment?

Over my career to date I’ve witnessed all sorts of experiences of which leads to real learnings. I’ve seen unbelievable facilities, equipment and technology but they may have lacked execution presence which reflected in lack of real productivity and dedication from the workforce.

I’ve seen some large OEMs with processes for just about everything across the business that stifled the workforce creativity and reflected in lower morale and responsibility.

And some many varieties in between.

At the end of the day the entrepreneurs dream and vision that’s artfully implemented with caring executives and managers reigns supreme to the resources available. People buy into people with passion and purpose and get behind big goals and targets.

As a footnote, I admire the marketing folks that use their creative abilities to imbue the market with the reality that has not yet arrived.

At Dynamic Innovations we help make great companies dreams come a reality.

Kieron, CEO

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Tips for Supplier Qualification

I have witnessed literally millions of euros of wasted by OEMs by qualifying the wrong suppliers for their niche services.

There is so much time and effort spent, from initial engagement through to enquiry and on into qualification, to get on the approved supplier lists. This can take 3 to 18 months depending on the customer’s process and dedicated resources. In the meantime, opportunities are missed out on, which is a shame for both customer and supplier. Eventually when the supplier is approved the urgent need or requirement may have changed or the supplier may have fulfilled their capacity with existing or new customers.

To truly handle this, I believe you need a technical business excellence manager and a quality control auditor to access a supplier for suitability and value creation.

At Dynamic Innovations we research hundreds of suppliers to audit a few and end up with the right supplier with the right attributes to fulfil a customer’s “needs and wants” technically and commercially with the right amount of communication for business flow.

It takes a combination of skills to audit a company’s financials, technical capabilities, capacity to expand, quality systems, supply chain, logistics, overall management and culture, to trust as a supply partner. An absence of any of these qualities will affect the business transaction to some degree.

Contact us if you need a new supplier for parts and/or assemblies for sophisticated equipment.


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Of the People, By the People and For the People!

Lincoln’s famous words reflect so much in the fabric of great companies. HR value creation is all done by identifying ideal candidates with the right purpose that also aligns with the employers goals and purposes.

This isn’t always easy to get, but emphasise on that sweet spot of aligning personalities, purposes and talents to the company’s purposes and goals, is not just vital to that candidates successful integration in the company, but it’s also vital in adding to the company’s culture.

Part of our mentorship program specialises in creating that culture. If you need help in this area, contact us. We look forward to connecting with you.

Finding it Hard to Expand?

Whenever sales was stalled and hard, I would sometimes stop and look at who I am dealing with that is new since I was last doing well. Usually I realise this is at least one trouble source that is affecting me in a small or big way and when I deal with them appropriately, miraculously sales flows increase. Some of these troublesome folks are easy to spot but they can also be very hard to detect, so here some useful tips to help you:



Some trouble sources are not easily spotted immediately because their destructive actions get diffused by the constructive actions of the majority of hard-working people. They also don’t always show their true colours at the outset. They may even do some things that are somewhat helpful in the beginning. However, there is a common thread of similarities of all the trouble sources I have experienced over the years – that the departments they operate in don’t really expand. There will be a trouble source when you have an area within an organisation that does not seem to expand in people or production.


These people end up causing minor or major chaos and disorganisation in workplaces. Some outwardly defend their position and are very vocal about their position and how others are wrong but never them. The harder ones to detect are those who cause the internal chaos and disorder underhandedly and are harder to detect as the true trouble sources. It’s never things that cause problems; it’s always people. Just as social people resolve problems, what it really comes down to is a total lack of responsibility. They have dwindled down to the point of an inability to be responsible for anyone or anything. The trouble with most social people is their inability to consider the evilness of a small minority of the workforce. Social people want others to do well. Anti-social people do not want others to do well; they only can do things that they think will help themselves survive better – very selfish.


The skill of a good manager is in the training of his or her staff and measuring each person’s production. Figuring out what each person needs to produce and in what quantities, how to learn the skills required to deliver such products with high morale. Rewarding and caring for the productive staff is the job of the executives and managers. This makes it easier to detect the real trouble sources within the organisation quickly as they will do all they can to prevent people from getting good at what they do.

This blog is not an invitation to go on a witch hunt. It is just an effort to point out that when you have implemented a lot of organisation and have improved marketing, financial management and made things more efficient, BUT, little expansion is occurring, you know you will have someone in the ranks with their handbrake on.


  • Who is talking negatively to others?
  • Who is saying things such as “it can’t be done,” “no one can do it,” etc.?
  • Who is critical of others?
  • Who is producing very little?
  • Whose actual production seems hard to monitor?

Business expansion is not that difficult with a great team. When it seems to be hard to expand, ask the above questions, and it may open the door to resolving the hardship.

Let me know if this was helpful.



PURPOSE: 4 Steps to Elevate your Workforce Attitude & Production

Why is it that some individuals or teams are more productive than others? Why is it that sometimes entire divisions can go around in circles, pointing fingers or having endless meetings but don’t seem to get things done?

Amongst other things, one of the leading principles of any organisation is Purpose. When establishing why it exists and what the organisation is trying to do, think about these things:

  • Is your company Purpose clearly defined?
  • Are ALL your staff aware of the company Purpose? (And we do mean ALL staff!)
  • Have you employed individuals with the skills, attitude and passion to align their efforts and personal pride to the company Purpose?
  • Do your contractors and suppliers know your Purpose?
  • Have you identified and made firm policy that the above is a fundamental calibre and requirement for your staff?

These appear like simple questions, but they are the burning questions that every company should not only start out with when incorporating their company and employing staff, but also regularly campaigning this Purpose to focus staff, align responsibility and establish a flourishing internal company culture.

For example, let’s say you have the goal of having “a perfect cup of tea” (we’re big tea fans here in Dynamic). Two equally talented employees are given the task, to “make a cup of tea”. Employee 1 makes a satisfactory cup of tea… but the taste of the tea just doesn’t hit the spot. Employee 2 however, makes a wonderful cup of tea that not only melts the worries of the world away and leaves you feeling relieved to have such a competent employee in the company, but also makes Employee 2 feel delighted with your reaction and feel personal pride in a job well done.

Confused as to why two cups of tea can be so different, you ask Employee 1 to have a another go. Once again, the tea is adequate but the taste is still not right. Now you get frustrated and the worries of the world are firmly attached to your shoulders with the additional weight of the problem this employee presents who just can’t make a perfect bloody cup of tea! What’s wrong?!

The problem is simple. Both employees have all the skills and resources to make a cup of tea, but only one employee ever had the Purpose “to make a PERFECT cup”. Aligned with your goal of having a perfect cup of tea, this employee makes a product that hits the spot, melts your worries away and leaves you feeling completely confident that duties assigned to Employee 2 are duties left in good hands.

With Purpose, Employee 2 could visualise his importance, his place in the company, the culture of the workplace and his contribution to the company goal. Imagine his sense of pride. Imagine the ongoing quality of his work. Imagine his own leadership in his area. Image his ability to help his fellow staff.

The repercussions of production without purpose is a threatened reputation and your neck on the line. And this is why you need to:

  1. CLEARLY DEFINE your company Purpose
  2. Make your staff AWARE of the company Purpose – always a great thing to do periodically
  3. Only employ staff who are able to ALIGN their skills to the company Purpose
  4. Regularly CAMPAIGN for your company Purpose so your team always have their eye on the mountain.

One of our purposes at Dynamic is to create big opportunities that inspire top quality entrepreneurs, products and services and help them to flourish in new markets.

PURPOSE – the world revolves around it, just as your company’s production, efficiency and culture revolves around it.

Always share your Purpose.

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