How Close is Too Close?

We’ve been in this industry for over 35 years now, and one thing we realise is how difficult it is to categorise our services in just one or two areas.

As an agency that facilitates business development, we must, must, must take a holistic approach. Every job we do, we visualise a long-term relationship where going the extra mile is not just critical to our service, but also an honour.

A long-term relationship with the customers we have is like a marriage and as with any with any beautiful lasting marriage, our faith and friendship is forged in overcoming obstacles together and vowing to give support no matter what. Now don’t get us wrong… we don’t get into bed with any ol’ Tom, Dick or Harry – we pick and choose our marriages with great diligence and care; for mutual growth, opportunity and peace-of-mind.

So how close is to close?

Well, the better the quality of people you ally with, the better the likelihood of everyone in the group surviving. When the result of closeness is comradeship, true innovation, happiness and mutual success, then nothing is considered too close.

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5 Reasons (+ 1 Bonus Reason) to Attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Should you attend exhibitions?

The answer is a resounding YES!

As the world lifts out of a near post-pandemic scrap to survive, missing out on fully accessible events and exhibitions could mean missing out some great opportunities to not only heal your business, but to expand your business. Here are our top 5 reasons to make sure a representative of your company attends these events:

1. Industry Knowledge
With innovators and technology continually evolving, exhibitions are a great way to keep up-to-date on industry know-how, tools, facilitators, resources, suppliers, trends, products and so much more.

2. Trial and Error
Why make mistakes yourself when your competitors can do it for you! Exhibitions enable you to check out what your competitors are doing, their products, presence (branding, messaging and personality), industry direction and attendee interest. All of this gives you an insight into what works and what doesn’t so your business and marketing efforts can be focused solely on what does work.

3. Brand Awareness & Marketing
As an exhibitor, not only can you use these events as a platform to showcase your company’s offerings, capabilities and personality, but you can also gain free social media exposure by piggybacking off the event’s own social media activity on the day. And all of this TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!
Even as a visitor, you can still market your company to a degree by one-to-one engagement with stallholders and other guests. It’s really a no-brainer!

4. Tap into a Pool of Potential Clients
No matter what level your business is at, or even what role you have in the company, networking is a must. Exhibitions and trade shows provide a pool of potential clients, potentials suppliers and even potential supporters. This is where you can leverage the power of events through the connections it attracts. Out of this hub of industry experts, you can establish one-to-one friendships and allies by sharing your USP through personal connection.

This point cannot be underestimated!

5. Prospecting > Leads > Sales!
You just might have the opportunity to sell by leveraging off an already engaged gathering of people. If not a closed deal, you can certainly prospect and generate valuable leads.

BONUS REASON – Get Out of the Office & Get in With Your Tribe!
Having so many restrictions has kept us indoors for far too long. As facilitators to the industry (both suppliers and customers), physically integrating into the world of manufacturing in all its glory is like food for the soul! It truly is.

We’re currently at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. With over 4000 attendees and floorspace so large it requires trainers or other suitable footwear to comfortably manage all the walking (see photo for evidence), we are absolutely LOVING meeting industry peers and meeting new people!

When you get out and about, visiting like-minded industry experts, employees and fans, you know you’re in your tribe and your confidence to expand your horizons for your business will hit the roof!

So get out there folks, and start attending relevant trade shows and exhibitions now!

Strategic Partnerships for a Proverbial ‘Match Made in Heaven’

In a strategic partnership, businesses with aligned journeys intertwine their marketing, supply chain, technology integration, manufacturing or a happy combination of these.

Whether you’re a start-up, a growth company or a thriving multi-national, a strategic partnership will add value to your product or service by expanding your company capabilities and offerings far more than you’d otherwise be able to. If the two companies reciprocate each other well enough, they could very well be a  ‘match made in heaven’ and ultimately leveraging costs versus return.

In ANY sector this is a popular and incredibly valuable type of alliance.

Have you ever noticed the opening credits of movies? Movies are usually made in a supply chain method; a relatively small production house will film and handle post-production, while the larger studio will deal with financing, marketing, and distributing the film.

Some great examples of winning partnerships:

  • Starbucks + Barnes & Nobels Booksellers = Bookstore cafés.
  • HP + Disney = Hi-tech Mission: SPACE attraction in the Florida Walt Disney resort.
  • Toyota + Lotus = Toyota’s engines made for Lotus sports cars.
  • Uber + Spotify = Soundtrack for Your Ride campaign.
  • Nike + Apple = Tracking fitness progress and other health goals.

Handing off manufacturing to a dedicated factory solves more than just production and quality, it also handles scaling and business expansion.

Sure, the scope of a healthy partnership, should include performance and financial specifics, a reporting structure and other more complex agreements, but, even before diving into a partnership, due diligence through careful evaluation of benefits and risks is key.

This is precisely what Dynamic Innovations does.

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