Diagnostics as a need-to-have, not a nice-to-have

Today, an estimated 70% of medical decisions depend on lab tests for diagnosis or treatment. By allowing for early-stage interventions, thus reducing late-stage complications, diagnostic testing plays a critical role in routine patient management and holds incredible promise for improving healthcare delivery at scale. The new generation of diagnostics and their impact in transforming how we currently access, test, and deliver routine care.


Diagnostics as a Need-to-Have, Not a Nice-to-Have

Our healthcare system is heavily focused on treatment, not diagnostics. As an example, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed fault lines within our current healthcare system. At its onset, patients were treated largely based on symptoms because COVID-19 diagnostic tests were not widely available. The absence of widespread COVID-19 diagnostic testing limited scientific understanding of the virus and thus, delayed the development of treatment protocols.  But it doesn’t have to be this way – the transition from the central lab to the point-of-care model for routine tests is already underway.


Diagnostics Non-Negotiables: Accuracy, Speed, and Cost-Effectiveness

If you’re going to diagnose infections, it should be done in less than ten minutes, for less than ten dollars, with less than a tenth grade education. And you have to do all of this without sacrificing accuracy or negative predictive value. Industry experts agreed that ease of use is key to realising the full potential of diagnostics in anticipating, intercepting, and preventing diseases early – especially among asymptomatic patients.

As medicine shifts towards a more preventive model, timely and accurate diagnostics will be more important than ever before. Experts say that patients who get routine screenings have the best chance for positive health outcomes because clinical decision-making will be tailored to a correct understanding of the disease.

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